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1. Speedstore only collects information from visitors on this website that are generated from the Contact Form that gets completed and then emailed to Speedstore by the visitor.

2. Visitors wishing to make an enquiry are required to supply the following information on the Contact Form: Company Name, Name, Surname, E-mail, Subject of enquiry, Telephone Number (Office Hours), Nature of Enquiry. Cell and Fax Number information will only be collected if supplied.

3. Information supplied by visitors making an enquiry via the Contact Form will be used to reply to and follow up on such an enquiry and to email the regular Speedstore Newsletter that could contain general news about the industry, completed projects, product information, special offers, promotions and important Speedstore operational information.

4. Information collected from visitors wishing to make an enquiry via the Contact Form are not transferred from Speedstore's database in any way to a third party.

5. All visitors that enquired via the Contact Form that may want to edit or remove their information, can click here or phone +260 960 998 4870 during business hours Monday to Friday. They may also click on the Unsubscribe link upon receipt of any of the regular emailed Speedstore Newsletters.


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